Beginning the Journey

Good Afternoon Church,

I pray you have found the grace of God to be sufficient for whatever this week has brought into your life. As we traverse the journey of life we never know what is around the next bend. As I write this, I am drawing on the many lessons learned, by our family, through the long, and at times, dark and often unknown course that has led us to Belcroft. My journey to this place as your pastor has been filled with a myriad of underserved blessings along with plenty of disappointments and difficult days. Sometimes, we turn the corner of life and step into a path marked by sweet joy and peace, that at times is unspeakable and even unbearable, in the positive sense. Yet, at other times, we are faced with the reality that we must walk a while through a trail of tears as we wrestle with pain, suffering, loss, and unmet expectations. All of us have experienced this reality, at some level, and will continue to experience the highs and lows of this life as long as we have breath.

However, while we do not know what tomorrow holds we do know Who holds tomorrow (Isa 46:8-10), and we do know that He cares for us (Rom 8:28-30). Belcroft, I am writing from the depth of my heart because as we begin this journey I fully understand there will be twists and turns that will yield both joy and sadness. Yet, no matter what lies ahead of us, we can rest totally secure and find peace from the blessed truth that God’s grace is and will be sufficient for whatever we will face as a family of believers (2 Cor 12:9). There have been so many ways that God has shown Himself faithful in my life, and I wish I could share them all with you. But, there is one that I must share, because it is directly connected to all of us. You see, God has given us the great grace of His sufficient Word that always leads us into paths of clarity, confidence, and comfort even when life seems unclear, confusing, and chaotic (Ps 19). What a blessing that God has not left us to our own ingenuity and intelligence for how to run the gauntlet of pursuing Christ in a Christ-less cultural. We have His Word, which is always completely right, utterly adequate, and intimately perfect for all we need in teaching, correction, reproof, and for training in righteousness (2 Tim 3:16-17)!

This Sunday we will begin a series in and through the book of Colossians where we will see the Lord Christ in His majestic supremacy and magnanimous sufficiency. I am excited for all that we will encounter as we consider the person and work of Jesus Christ and how that should mold and move our lives personally. Yet, this I know for sure, the ultimate joy in this journey will be found and enjoyed most specifically from our personal study of and submission to the Scriptures. I am overwhelmed with the joy that we have the gracious privilege to see and savor Christ through the study and preaching of God’s Word. That reality is exactly what the believers in Colossae needed and it is no different for us, and for our world today! Is Christ really enough? Is Christ really all I need? These questions are in many ways what provoked Paul, through the Holy Spirit, to write the Letter of Colossians and these questions often plague our lives and the lives of those around us. Come this week and let’s begin wrestling with these truths from God’s Word together. And as we turn to the Scriptures, we will again find God’s grace through His Word sufficient for all of life’s deepest needs.

Living in the light of God’s Word,

Pastor Matt


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