5 Questions to Answer When Considering the Cross of Christ

Happy Good Friday Church,

I pray your heart has been stirred this week as you consider the high cost of Heaven in sacrificially providing salvation to sinful man upon the earth. We live busy lives in an overly busy world, and how easy it is for us to overshadow the profundity of the cross with the daily duties of life. Therefore, to help us slow down and learn to savor the glorious gift of our Savior, we have put together a special “Good Friday” service. Tonight we will ruminate over the last days of Christ as we consider and soberly celebrate the crucifixion of Christ. Yet those words I just said seem to self-contradict, as sober celebration and crucifixion seem to be polar opposites at odds with one another. How can one find praise and peace in the midst of excruciating pain?  As matter of fact, we get the word excruciating, which means unbearable suffering, intolerable pain, and extreme torture from the Latin word for crucify! How can one find blessing in the face of such bloodshed and brutality? The cross was designed by man to be the most hideous mechanism of torture and death. Crucifixion was also the most severe form of capital punishment and brought with it the greatest symbol of shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. In the ancient world, crucifixion was generally reserved for the worst of criminals and slaves. The Bible declares that everyone who hangs on a tree is cursed (Gal 3:13)!

So I ask you, how in the world can the day we annually set aside to contemplate the cross of Christ, the brutal torture and death of our Lord, be called “good?” What makes this a “good Friday?” I mean isn’t the cross the greatest emblem of hatred and cruelty (Jn 19:1-16)? Consider the hatred of those Roman soldiers. Roman crucifixion was always preceded by flogging, which often separated skin from flesh, separated muscles from tendons, and shattered bones and ligaments. Contemplate the cruelty of the crowd who just days earlier cried Hosanna, but now call for the worst form of punishment and death upon a man who never physically hurt anyone, but only helped and healed multitudes. If that is your perspective concerning the cross, I can understand your consternation. However, my goal for us tonight is that we would see and savor the cross of Christ clearly in order that we might be encouraged thoroughly! To help us in this endeavor we will trace the steps of Christ to the Cross through five questions that naturally arise from the nature of this clear symbol of death and suffering. However, instead of letting our emotions lead us, we will allow God’s Word to guide us.  This is so important because God’s ways are not our ways! You see, the way up with God is down! God says if you want to find your life you must lose it! He that wants to be great must be the servant of all! Only God can make beauty out of ashes! Only God can take what is tragic and make it terrific! Only God can take what is clearly a symbol for death and actually make it the greatest emblem of life!

Therefore, to provoke your thoughts and further prepare your heart I want to give you the five questions that naturally arise when initially considering the Cross and all that surrounded it and lead up to it.  We will interact with these questions biblically tonight, and as we grapple with the answers, I’m sure our hearts will be encouraged. I look forward to sharing this special time of contemplation and adoration for Christ born out of His suffering for our sin with you tonight at 7:00 p.m.


5 Questions to Answer When Considering the Cross of Christ

  1.  Is the cross the greatest emblem of hatred and cruelty?
  2. Is the cross the greatest display of man’s power?
  3. Is the cross the greatest declaration of injustice?
  4. Is the cross the greatest picture of rejection and loss?
  5. Is the cross the greatest image of despair?

Praising God for His Purpose Behind Christ’s Pain,

Pastor Matt


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