Leading Your Wife in Love Like Christ: Part 2

October 6, 2016

Hello Church,

Last week we started to consider what it looks like when a husband leads his wife in love like Christ. I cannot stress to you enough the critical nature of the marriage relationship because it stands as the foundational building block of all societies and a pivotal part of God’s plan for man to rule and reign over His creation as His viceroys.[1]God designed the marriage to not only be the place where the family is formed[2] and generational holiness propagated,[3] but also where a clear picture of Christ’s love for the Church is portrayed.[4] The magnanimous priority of marriage was established by God at creation,[5] was reaffirmed by Jesus Christ multiple times while He walked upon the earth,[6] and was lucidly exclaimed by Paul during the formation of the Scriptures! The strength and stability of a family, a Church, a community, a state, and a country is inseparably linked to the spiritual condition of the marriages that feed and undergird every one of these institutions. Therefore, faithfully supporting, proactively serving, and biblically strengthening the marriage and the home must be a priority in the life and ministry of every God honoring and faithful church![7]  Furthermore, equipping husbands to fulfill their God given roles as leaders in the marriage and the home in a way that protects, encourages, and promotes Christ-like love is paramount to both the health and stability of the marriage and the family. Thus, we continue now in contemplating what it looks like when a husband leads his wife in love like Christ.

Leading Your Wife in Love Like Christ: Part 2


After learning last week that a husband who leads his wife in love like Christ will love his wife reverently in awe of this awesome calling by God and love her sacrificially in light of the nature of true love as displayed by Christ, we also see from Scripture that…

A godly husband will love his wife graciously![8] This is an unconditional love that moves and manifests itself by a personal decision to remain true to a personal commitment.[9] A love that acts with no thought of reciprocation[10]and pursues in the care of others, despite the fact that they may act in a way that seems undeserving. Remember that a gracious love does its best work when the other person is at their worst![11] This is the kind of love manifested by Christ as He laid down His life for us while we were wicked sinners![12] However, this gracious love is also tender, manifesting itself in patient kindness and personal watch care as the husband seeks to understand a wife’s worth, ways, wants, and works.[13] Thus, a husband follows the example of Christ who is sympathetic and understanding in how He cares for His Church.[14] Moreover, a gracious love is a forgiving love that eagerly pardons in light of how much Christ has already forgiven.[15] This kind of forgiveness that flows from a gracious love will keep no record of wrong nor does it insist on its own way or display itself in irritability, but instead bears all things, hopes all things, and endures all things![16]  May God give us homes and husbands where gracious love abounds to the glory of God!

I pray these letters, which flow from my heart as your pastor, will be a helpful tool used by God to encourage your pursuit of God-given holiness. I am grateful for the opportunity to regularly motivate all of us, myself included, to not quit in growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ![17] I look forward to worshipping with you this Lord’s Day as we see two priorities in the believer’s life that are paramount to living wisely in a wicked world. Do you know what those priorities are? Read Col 4:2-6 and consider how critical prayer and living evangelistically are to walking wisely during your time upon this earth. What are some of the negative results of failing to embrace these priorities? Well, for starters unhealthy speech and an undisciplined use of time! May the Lord help you to prepare to hear from His Word this Sunday as we seek to redeem the time graciously given to each of us for His ultimate glory.

Yours for the Master,

Pastor Matt


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