Leading Your Wife in Love Like Christ: Part 3

October 14, 2016

Good Morning Church,

The underserved privilege to worship and serve the Lord of all the earth is one of the biggest blessings to be enjoyed this side of heaven. The unprecedented nature of serving the King of kings is undeniably declared in Scripture as mankind was created by God to serve,[1] believers are saved to serve,[2] believers are gifted to serve,[3] and thus we are ultimately commanded to serve.[4] God’s plan for His people has always been that they would use their time, talents, treasures, and ultimately their very lives to serve His purposes for His glory alone.[5]Worship through service is really where God’s purpose for man collides with man’s incomparable pleasure with God. Jesus Christ displayed this truth in how He served with every ounce of His being for the ultimate joy of the Father.[6] Thus, He came not to be served, but to serve;[7] He came ultimately to do the will of the Father[8] for the pleasure of serving and pleasing the Father.[9] Therefore, following in the footsteps of Christ, our greatest pursuit in life should be to use all of this life for the praise, purposes, and pleasure of our Heavenly Father.[10]These biblical truths should provoke all of us to evaluate our lives and ask how much of my life is spent serving the Savior, and how much of my life is spent serving self?

Please pray for me as I traveled late into the night on Thursday to speak at Appalachian Bible College today, and then will be traveling back to Bowie tonight. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to serve my Lord beyond what is normal and expected for a pastor. One of the greatest opportunities for all of us to faithfully and joyfully serve our Lord is through sacrificially serving one another in our homes. Thus, every child has the great privilege to actually bring joy to the heart of God in how he interacts with his parents and siblings.[11] Moreover, every wife is given endless opportunities to serve her Lord through respectfully and graciously serving her husband,[12] and in so doing to bring pleasure to God.[13] Furthermore, every husband has an undeniable opportunity to shape the next generation while bringing God great glory as he leads his home in love like Christ. Most specifically, this reality impacts the whole home in how a husband loves his wife. Thus, I would like to share another facet of what it looks like when a husband leads his wife in love like Christ.

Leading Your Wife in Love Like Christ: Part 3


So far we have seen, from Scripture, that a man who leads his wife in love like Christ will love his wife reverently, sacrificially, and graciously. Today I want us to consider another display of Christ-like love in that…

A godly husband will love his wife redemptively![14] Salvation is found in no one else but Christ alone[15] and so this does not mean that man saves his wife or becomes Christ for his wife.[16] However, while a husband cannot redeem his wife from the slave market of sin, he can love her redemptively which means he proactively desires and seeks her continual sanctification and growth in godliness.[17] A redemptive love then will be a protecting love as a husband seeks to guard his wife from sin and temptation.[18] He will protect his wife from living with unhealthy expectations as a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a child of God.[19] He will also protect his wife from spiritual complacency. A redemptive love will also be a providing love as a husband proactively and personally serves as a source of spiritual edification,[20] strives to provide her with a spiritual environment both in the home[21] and at church where she can and is motivated to grow.[22] He will also provide his wife with spiritual encouragement so that she is enticed and attracted to grow deeper in Christ.[23]

Moreover, a redemptive love of a husband will also be a provoking love as he provokes his wife to love God’s Word, love God’s Son, and love God’s Church as she watches his passionate pursuit of these things.[24] Just consider how Christ’s example provokes us in humility,[25] perseverance,[26] in submission and trust,[27] and in keeping an eternal perspective amidst pain.[28] Finally, the redemptive love of a husband for his wife will demonstrate itself to be a purifying love[29] as he seeks to purify her life through their study of God’s Word, through his own personal walk with Christ, and his tender care for her as he cherishes and nourishes her.[30] O that God would give us men that would strive to serve the Lord in this most critical calling of loving their wives like Christ! O that our children would see this kind of love lived out in homes so that they are not confused by the ungodly and self-serving love they will encounter in the world.

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday, Lord willing, as we go into our final sermon in our study of the book of Colossians. This is a wonderful passage of Scripture,[31] and while it is truly Paul’s farewell to the Colossian believers, it is also a beautiful portrait of team ministry. Thus, there is much for us to learn from this text as we consider all of the faithful and sacrificial servants that supported Paul and co-labored with him in the marvelous ministry of the gospel. Ever question how Paul could do all that he did in service to our Lord? Well, the answer, in part, is found in this text. I encourage you to read this passage in your preparation for Sunday, and see if you can pick out some marks of an effective ministry.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Pastor Matt

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