A Few Key Biblical Truths to Guard and Ground Us During the Presidential Election

November 4, 2016

Good Afternoon Church,

What joy fills my heart as I praise the Lord for all the sacrificial service given by many of you in working together to put on another Block Party last Monday. I am writing today, from my heart, to say thank you to all who prayed for, served at, and provided for the Block Party. It warms my heart greatly as I consider the amount of church involvement that was clearly represented at this event and the Christ like attitudes that permeated every aspect. Many of you served behind the scenes in setting up games and activities like the “box tunnel,” or working with the decorations, the sound equipment, lighting, food service, greeters team, publication development, and even child care for those serving. This event happened in large part because many people eagerly served, doing their small part, and your pastor is proud of all of you and was grateful that he got to serve in a small way alongside many of you. Moreover, I must thank Steve and Claire Waskiewicz for all their proactive planning and hard work in helping keep this event organized. Also, I want to thank Morgan and Becca DeRieux for their years of service in planning and promoting this event and for opening their home to all of us as we worked most of the day to set up and for allowing their yard to be the epicenter of activity.

In light of the political tension that inundates our lives these days, and the natural propensity for many believers to be entangled into and distracted by civilian affairs,[1] I would like to remind you of a few key biblical truths in order to help guard and ground you this next week as we consider the elections:

2016 USA presidential election poster.

2016 USA presidential election poster.

First, God is sovereign over all the affairs of men as He makes kingdoms rise and fall according to His perfect plan and for His purpose.[2] This does not negate our responsibility to live as good and active citizens,[3] but to do so in confident peace knowing that no man can thwart God’s plan.[4]

Secondly, Christians are called to set their minds, affections, pursuits, and pleasures on Christ and His Kingdom,[5] not on this world and its fleeting allurements and endeavors.[6] Thus we are called to infiltrate the world with the Word as we seek out the lost with the love and truth of Jesus Christ, continuing the Mission He started.[7] This reality and requirement is not circumstantial or subject to change with the transition of any government, king, or political party, whether good or bad, moral or immoral, supportive or oppressive.[8]

Thirdly, believers are commanded to pray for the leaders of their land that God might use them, save them, humble them, and protect them as they ultimately act as His servants.[9] Why are we called to do that? That we might live a quiet life, godly and dignified in every way as we seek to live gospel saturated lives, which is pleasing in the sight of God who desires all men to be saved.[10]

Church, I want to ask you to specifically pray for the Men’s Retreat this weekend as a number of our men will be gathering to study God’s Word. Pray that God will use this time to draw us closer to Him and one another as we wrestle with His Word together. Also, pray for our service this Sunday, and be on the lookout for any visitors that might come because of last week’s Block Party. Pray specifically that the Word will go forth with power, and that our lives will be changed to the glory of God. Pray also for me as I will be speaking Friday night and multiple times on Saturday, and then traveling back so that I can worship with you on Sunday. I will be preaching a message on the gospel as dramatically displayed through the repentant woman who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears[11]. What a powerful display of how the gospel impacts lives as Christ deals with our guilt by providing His grace, which results in lives marked by gratitude! Have you recognized your guilt? Have you received God’s grace? If so, do you live this life in gratitude to God? Well, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, Lord willing, as we worship the God of all grace[12] together and celebrate the eternal impact of the Gospel.


Pastor Matt


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