The Undying Love of a Godly Wife for Her Lord

November 18, 2016

Good Afternoon Church,

I pray this letter finds you well as you consider the unfathomable grace of our great God[1] as given through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.[2] Do you realize that the most important thing about you is your personal relationship and walk with the Lord?[3] All of life hinges on, rests upon, and ultimately flows from your walk with God through Christ,[4] or the lack thereof![5] Loving the Lord through faithfully following and submitting to Him is to be the ultimate passion and pursuit of every believer.[6] A growing and personal knowledge of God through His Word,[7] and an abiding faith in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ,[8] is both the door of salvation[9] as well as the ongoing duty and delight of every true Christian.[10] This means that we are to set our minds on Christ,[11] pursue Christ,[12] serve Christ,[13] follow Christ,[14] imitate Christ,[15]dwell on Christ,[16] grow in Christ,[17] put on Christ,[18] and live both in and for the pleasure of Christ.[19]

The Undying Love of a Godly Wife for Her Lord


There are so many ways this all-encompassing calling powerfully and positively impacts, guards, and directs our lives. One I want to specifically draw our attention to is how a personal love for Christ serves as the ultimate foundation for a godly marriage and home. The greatest blessing a husband and wife can do for each other and for their children is to faithfully follow Christ as individuals. A strong marriage is truly and ultimately built upon, and flows out of, a strong walk with Christ! A godly husband is ultimately the result of being a Christ-centered man! A faithful wife is truly the byproduct of having a heart surrendered to Christ, first and foremost. Moreover, when Christ is the anchor of your soul, you will remain steady when the storms of earth assail your life and marriage. Christ is to be the divine glue that holds every life, home, and marriage together.

christopher love

To help illustrate the power of this truth, I want to share with you a love letter between a pastor and his wife. Christopher Love was a puritan pastor who was beheaded in 1651 at the age of 33 for what Oliver Cromwell believed was treason. Many pastors were arrested during that time for the same reason but were eventually released, except for Christopher, whose death was to serve as an example. Christopher’s wife Mary fought hard for the release of her husband, but to no avail. Christopher and Mary had six children, two of which had already died, three were in their home, and Mary was pregnant with their fourth at the time of Christopher’s death. What follows is the final letter Mary sent to her husband before his execution. As you read this final interaction of a wife to her dearest friend, I want you to see the unwavering strength that flowed from her undying commitment to Christ! She serves as a wonderful example of how a life saturated in the Scriptures provides stability amidst great stress and under great suffering! Next week I will share Christopher’s final letter to Mary, but I pray this will encourage your heart and provoke your walk with, and love for, Christ above all else! I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday as we begin our journey through Ruth and grow deeper in our understanding of the faithful love of the Lord!


Pastor Matt


July 14, 1651

Before I write a word further, I beseech thee to think not that it is thy wife but a friend now that writes to thee. I hope thou hast freely given up thy wife and children to God, who hath said in Jeremiah 49:11, “Leave thy fatherless children, I will preserve them alive, and let thy widow trust in me.” Thy Maker will be my husband, and a Father to thy children. O that the Lord would keep thee from having one troubled thought for thy relations. I desire freely to give thee up into thy Father’s hands, and not only look upon it as a crown of glory for thee to die for Christ, but as an honor to me that I should have a husband to leave for Christ.

I dare not speak to thee, nor have a thought within my own heart of my own unspeakable loss, but wholly keep my eye fixed upon thy inexpressible and inconceivable gain. Thou leavest but a sinful, mortal wife to be everlastingly married to the Lord of glory. Thou leavest but children, brothers, and sisters to go to the Lord Jesus, thy eldest Brother. Thou leavest friends on earth to go to the enjoyment of saints and angels, and the spirits of just men made perfect in glory. Thou dost but leave earth for heaven and changest a prison for a palace.

 And if natural affections should begin to arise, I hope that the spirit of grace that is within thee will quell them, knowing that all things here below are but dung and dross in comparison of those things that are above. I know thou keepest thine eye fixed on the hope of glory, which makes thy feet trample on the loss of earth. My dear, I know God hath not only prepared glory for thee, and thee for it, but I am persuaded that He will sweeten the way for thee to come to the enjoyment of it. When thou art putting thy clothes on that morning, O think, “I am now putting on my wedding garments to go to be married to my everlasting Redeemer.”

When the messenger of death comes to thee, let him not seem dreadful to thee, but look on him as a messenger that brings thee tidings of eternal life. When thou goest up the scaffold, think (as thou saidst to me) that it is but thy fiery chariot to carry thee up to thy Father’s house.

And when thy layest thy precious head down to recieve thy Father’s stroke, remember what thou saidst to me: Though thy head was severed from thy body, yet in a moment thy soul should be united to thy Head, the Lord Jesus, in heaven. And though it may seem something bitter, that by the hands of men we are parted a little sooner than otherwise we might have been, yet let us consider that it is the decree and will of our Father, and it will not be long ere we shall enjoy one another in heaven again.

Let us comfort one another with these sayings. Be comforted, my dear heart. It is but a little stroke and thou shalt be there where the weary shall be at rest and the wicked shall cease from troubling. Remember that thou mayest eat thy dinner with bitter herbs, yet thou shalt have a sweet supper with Christ that night. My dear, by what I write unto thee, I do not hereby undertake to teach thee; for these comforts I have received from the Lord by thee. I will write no more, nor trouble thee any further, but commit thee into the arms of God with whom ere long thee and I shall be.

Farewell, my dear. I shall never see thy face more till we both behold the face of the Lord Jesus at that great day.

~Mary Love

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