Adult Summer Sunday School Class – Church History: The Last 500 Years

This class will specifically focus on the last 500 years of Church History beginning with the English Reformation and going through the rise of the modern evangelical movement. Through this study you will gain a deeper insight on the broad theological impact of the reformation and how God sovereignly, both past and present, continues to shape, preserve and direct His Church. A few of the topics to be considered in this class will be, How the reformation impacted England and Scotland, Who are the Puritans, How Christianity came to the New World, The History of the English Bible, The Great Awakenings, Liberalism and Denominationalism, The History of Modern Missions, Cults, Cultural Christians, and Charismatics, Fundamentalism and the birth of the New Evangelical Movement.

This new class will begin Sunday, July 1st and run through the end of September.

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