Adult Sunday School Class – Historical Books Bible Survey – Part 1

This class will equip you to have a sound understanding of roughly 1000 years of Old Testament history (Joshua 1406 BC – 433 BC Nehemiah) as we learn the major themes, settings, and theological lessons of each of the Historical books from Joshua through Esther. Thus, through this Bible Survey class we will continue growing in our understanding of Scripture’s authority, sufficiency, and unity as we continue see God’s holiness, grace, and redemptive plan sovereignly propelled for His chosen people.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Israel and why they never fully inhabited the land as God promised? Have you ever been perplexed by King Saul’s life and how he hunted David? Have you ever wondered how Israel splits into two kingdoms and why? Have you ever been confused by trying to keep track all the different wicked kings of both Judah and Israel? Have you ever wondered why Judah goes into captivity for specifically 70 years and how the Historical Books build off of the biblical covenants given by God in the Pentateuch? Are you interested in learning more about men like Joshua, Samson, Boaz, David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Elijah just to name a few? Are you interested in hearing about the sacrificial faithfulness of Ruth, the sacred fear of Rahab, and the sanctified determination of the Shunamite woman? These are just a few of the many Biblical topics and people we will wrestle with as we study these most engaging books of the Old Testament. If you desire to better know the Word of God and the God of the Word, then this class is a must for you!  There is no greater portion of the Old Testament to know intimately than the Historical Books as they open up the rest of Scripture on many levels!

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