Proverbs 10: 2020 Bible Challenge

Devotional Text and Meditation for the Day

Marty Orcurto

Proverbs 10:9

Recently, I purchased an Amazon Echo Dot, and on seeing it someone remarked, “Are you not afraid of what ‘they’ will hear?” After thinking for a moment, I said, “I guess if I was afraid of them hearing something, I shouldn’t be saying it in the first place!” The warning of Proverbs 10:9 is simply this – What is done in secret will not stay a secret (Lk 8:17).

The collection of general proverbs in this chapter uses two contrasting statements to show the benefits of pursuing wisdom over foolishness. In verse 9, the writer contrasts the walk of the man of integrity with that of the crooked or perverse man. He who walks in the fear of the Lord, whose beliefs drive his actions, who consistently walks the talk – he need not fear the shame of discovery, for he will be above reproach (1 Tim 3, Titus 1). Nor does he need to fear stumbling, for he will walk with confidence rooted in God despite the troubled terrain of life he is navigating (Hab 3:17-19; Isa 33:15-16; Ps 15). This is directly in contrast with the man who consistently twists his path to meet his ever-changing heart desires, causing pitfalls where the path should be smooth and knots where it should be straight. He lives in constant fear of discovery by man (not even considering God) and is easily taken down by the smallest of obstacles (Prv 3:21-24; 18:28).

Do you want to walk securely in integrity? Then you must live moment by moment with the reality that you are in God’s presence. Do you truly understand this? Nothing is hidden from Him . . . no layer of lies that He cannot pierce, no thought that cannot be understood, no whisper that cannot be heard (Ps 139:7-12). This should drive you to:

  1. Fear the One from whom no secret is hidden (Lk 12:2-5; I Cor 4:5)
  2. Consider the consequences of your actions (Gal 6:7-8)
  3. Keep a clean conscience before God by confessing your failures (1 Jn 1:9; Ps 51)
  4. Pray that God guards your heart and mind so that you are not led away by selfish desires; knowing it is only by His strength and power you can walk in integrity.

Remember, it is much like Coach John Wooden said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” Don’t fear Amazon – fear God. You can’t turn His device off.

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