Proverbs 14: 2020 Bible Challenge

Devotional Text and Mediation for the Day

Tom Fox

Proverbs 14:27

Today’s meditation: “the fear of the LORD is the fountain of life.” A devotional on the fear of the LORD would take volumes. Pastor Matt taught on the fear of the LORD for weeks in Sunday School looking at every text. Suffice it to say, fear is to relinquish all of one’s dependency on self, and to submit to the sovereign authority and holy character of God. With this context, that fear of the LORD is the fountain of life.  Let us now focus on the phrase “the fountain of life.” This phrase is used six times in the OT: once in Psalm 36:9, four times in Proverbs – 10:11; 13:14; 14:27; and 16:22; then in Jer. 2:13. In Psalm 36:9, the psalmist declares that in God is the fountain of life and light. We find in Proverbs attributes of believers who submit to the authority and holy character of God as the fountain of life: on wisdom (Prov. 10:11), on teaching (Prov. 13:14), on fear (Prov. 14:27), and on wise and sound judgement (Prov. 16:22). The last reference is Jer. 2:13 when God speaks through Jeremiah that He is the fountain of life that Israel has forsaken – instead digging their own cisterns (sad word picture!)

It is the LORD Jesus Christ who gives us the springs of living water (Zech. 13:1and Rev. 7:17). If we are truly relinquishing all of our human understanding (trusting in self) and repenting of our pride of self, trusting only in the blood of the Lamb of God, then we are partakers (2 Peter 1:4) of the fountain of life having access to the immeasurable riches of God’s promises (and holy character, 2 Peter 1:5-10) through His word by our obedience. What might be holding you back from total obedience to Christ? Do you still experience a craving or thirst that is not quenched? I challenge you to examine your heart and see what needs relinquished in order to partake fully of the fountain of life. In doing so, you will “turn away from the snares of death.”

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