Church Membership

Interested in making Belcroft your church home?  We’d love for you to apply by completing our membership application and attending our Membership class.  (Check the church calendar for the next Membership class.)


After you attend the Membership class and hand in your Application, two or more members of the elder board will visit you and discuss these four areas with you:

  1. Your relationship with God; how and when you trusted Christ as personal Savior.
  2. Your understanding of and commitment to our doctrine and Constitution.
  3. Your willingness to submit in the Lord to the Constitution and leadership of this church, including your willingness to accept the church’s authority as well as its benefits.
  4. Those gifts you believe God has given you that you will use in the church family.

Then, assuming that you and the elders agree that membership is the right step, you will be asked to sign a membership commitment form which says that you understand and agree with our commitment to the Word of God and our Constitution, and that you agree to be bound by them. You will then be publically presented to the church in a Sunday morning service.