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Hello Parents & Teachers,

This is an ongoing project page for our Children’s Ministry at Belcroft (Birth-5th Grade). Here I will put information and FAQs that will help you as a parent become more engaged with your child’s spiritual growth at Belcroft and our ministry here.  I pray that this site helps you.

~ Morgan

Parent’s FAQ’s

Q: Does Belcroft Bible Church (BBC) have a screening process for their ministry workers?

A: Yes it does.  Belcroft’s policy states that our fundamental goal is “to provide a safe, secure, loving environment for children where parents or caregivers feel comfortable leaving their children.”  You can find our complete policy HERE.

Q: Does BBC offer any weekday ministries for children?
A: At this time BBC does not.  We are looking into ideas and welcome suggestions.

Q: Does BBC offer any help in fostering spiritual conversations within families?
A: Yes.  There are several ways that BBC helps.

  • Bracelet – Every week a child who attends is sent home with a wristband that encourages the parent to ask what that child has learned during Sunday School & Children’s Church.
  • Splink – D6 also sends out a weekly email called “Splink” that provides a quick outline for a spiritual talk with your children.  You can recieve their weekly email for free at this site
  • Home Connection – The curriculum we use at church (D6) offers a quick flyer called a “Home Connection” that helps parents dig deeper and help children to obey what they have been learning on Sundays.  See “Home Connection” below for more information.

Home Connection
As the Director of Children and Student Ministries the most important goal for me is to help parents engage their children about spiritual things.  The D6 Curriculum helps with that by offering a “Home Connection” flyer that parents can read every week that connects what children are learning at church with the home.  Please visit the “Home Connection” page to learn more.


Ministry Worker’s FAQ’s

Q:  What is the policy for finding a substitute?
A:  In the event you can not teach on Sunday Morning we recommend that you follow the following procedure.

  1. You contact people on the “substitute list” located on the teaching lists.
  2. If you cannot find an available substitute please contact a fellow ministry worker (teacher or aide) who is not currently scheduled and ask if they would be willing to exchange a working date.
  3. If no one is willing to exchange a working date then please feel free to contact Morgan DeRieux or Nicole Douglas to help in finding help.
  4. Morgan and Nicole are NOT “normal” substitutes, and should only be contacted if there is an emergency.   An emergency constitutes as a death in the family, a teacher/aide has become all the sudden sick and contagious, or a worker/aid’s child has become sick and contagious and that parent can not find a caregiver for their child.

Q: Where can I find a list of substitutes?
A: I keep an updated schedule of teachers and list substitutes for Children’s Sunday School & Church in two locations.

For a schedule of Sunday School workers and substitutes please click HERE.
For a schedule of Children’s Church workers and substitues please click HERE.

Q: How do I become CPP Certified?
A: Please go to our CPP page and watch the video.  After watching the video please fill out “Form A” and hand it to Morgan DeRieux.

Scope & Sequence

Want to get a birds eye view on how we are training children in our program? Well check out he Scope & Sequences for the two parts to Sunday’s Children’s Ministry.

Sunday School & Children’s Church (D6 Curriculum)
Children’s Church
1st through 5th Grade (D6 Elements)