Safety for Children

One of the fundamental goals in the children’s ministry at Belcroft Bible Church (BBC) is to provide a safe, secure, loving environment for children where parents or caregivers feel comfortable leaving their children.” We have and enforce a Child Protection Policy (CPP) that reflects our desire to protect our children from any kind of abuse while their parents have entrusted them to the care of BBC.

We are a family, committed to caring for one another.  Love makes wide-ranging demands:  from protecting innocent children to removing temptation from those struggling with secret sin.  Our culture has degenerated to the point that successfully showing love in such areas requires substantial sacrifice by a large part of the congregation.  BBC has decided to make that sacrifice, and this CPP represents our plan and commitment to accept the inconveniences, costs, and ongoing painful discussions required to show real family love.  Rather than begrudging these measures, we have chosen to embrace them as an opportunity to provide a distinctive gift to Jesus Christ, urging saved and not-yet-saved parents in our community to join our safe environment for children.

Our plan to implement the CPP includes three parts: (1) the application, screening, and interview process that all volunteers and staff in our ministry must complete prior to being able to minister with children; (2) the establishment, communication and enforcement of certain policies and practices that will make our classrooms as safe as possible; and (3) a method of constant monitoring of our classrooms, other ministry environments, and children’s workers.

The policy regulates our children’s workers, not our parents.  Children remain under the supervision of their parents or caregivers until the parent or caregiver specifically delivers their child into the care of a BBC-approved program for young people.  For example, a young person in a worship service remains the responsibility of his or her parent until the parent sends the child to the children’s church program, which is governed by this policy for the safety of the child.