Family Discipleship Ministry

Wednesday Night, 6:30 p.m. — 7:30 p.m.

Dive deep into the Bible! Wednesday nights offer something for everyone, with children’s ministry, youth ministry, and adult Bible study.

Parenting Class – Fellowship Hall – Pastor Matt White

Pastor Matt will began teaching a parenting class for our adult discipleship group. This class will seek to help you understand, establish, and further solidify a home centered around biblical principles for successful parenting. The class will focus on the biblical foundation to godly parenting, and so the material will prove beneficial to parents of children of all ages from infants to young adults and beyond. God’s Word is emphatic that the Lord cares deeply about what happens in the home and all children are gifts given by God to be nurtured in the love of God and trained in the fear of the Lord. Therefore, God has given us His all sufficient Word to guide, guard, and ground every parent in a practice of parenting that ultimately honors and glorifies Him. In this class we will learn many biblical truths that will strengthen our resolve to compassionately and faithfully point our children, both young and old, to the necessity and joy of following Christ above all things. This class will be structured around these main headings…The Parents’ Priorities; The Parents’ Perspective; The Parents’ Pitfalls; The Parents’ Plan; The Parents’ Potential.