Adult Sunday School

Sunday mornings, 9:00 a.m. — 9:45 a.m.

Since growing and maturing in our Christian faith is a life long journey, our adult Sunday morning ministry endeavors to communicate and cultivate a desire to passionately know, love, and obey our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word—the Bible.

Adult Class – Historical Books Survey Part 2: From United Kingdom to Post Exilic Return – Fellowship Hall – Pastor Matt White

Having finished part 1 of a survey of the Historical Books, this class picks up our Belcroft Bible Overview Series with a serious survey of the remaining seven Old Testament Historical books. The purpose of these classes (part 1-2) is to equip you to have a sound understanding of roughly 1000 years of Old Testament history (Joshua 1406 BC – 433 BC Nehemiah) as we learn the major themes, settings, theological lessons of each of the Historical books from Joshua through Esther. This survey class, part two, will deal specifically with first Kings through Esther. Thus, through this Bible Survey class we will continue growing in our understanding of Scripture’s authority, sufficiency, and unity as we continue see God’s holiness, grace and redemptive plan sovereignly propelled for His chosen people. If you desire to better know the Word of God and the God of the Word than this class is a must for you! No greater portion of the Old Testament to know intimately than the Historical Books as they open up the rest of Scripture on so many levels!