Ethnos 360, Dan and Ginny Bryant



Dan helps train local believers in cross-cultural missions, is working part-time on Bible translation into Landuma, and is meeting for Bible Studies several times a week with various groups or individuals.  Ginny is discipling our five kids (including Bakar who lives with us) as well as their friends, and serves many other people in our circles here, in particular at the kids’ school Dakar Academy.


  • Pray for our kids, Elijah, Corbin, Simkha and Tobiah, as well as Bagar (living with us) and Bruhana (deaf, lives in a dorm with other deaf children), that they will love the Lord above all else.
  • Pray for us to parent our kids with wisdom and grace.
  • Pray for the Landuma people, both in Guinea as well as here in Dakar, they many will follow Jesus.
  • Pray that many West Africans would be eager to learn more about missions and their role in reaching other people groups with the gospel.

 Video (1st Half)


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