Jess & Gabby Steere


Mission and Background

Jess and Gabby are serving in Berea, Kentucky with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA on the Berea College’s campus. Jess and Gabby’s ministry is to join God in restoring Berea College to its Christ-centered destiny, by developing a witnessing and praying community of students and faculty there.

Jess was born in Maryland and attended Belcroft as a child from age 10 until moving with his family to Michigan at age 15. Jess was heavily involved with InterVarsity while attending Berea College and was a student leader in the chapter. After doing various jobs after college and yearning to do missions work, Jess answered the Lord’s calling to work full time with InterVarsity as a missionary. Gabby also attend Berea College. They were married in July 2011 and their son Clay was born in May 2012.

Jess can be contacted at

Gabby can be contacted at

Field Address:

65 Central Ave. #2 Berea, KY 40403

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the Gospel to continue to go forth at Berea,
  2. That God would make Gabby and I more effective at empowering students to spread it,
  3. That He would refresh us.
  4. For greater financial provision, and for tons of wisdom.
  5. That our students would glorify God in the way they spend their time. Time is a rare commodity on a college campus, so both we and our students need the Holy Spirit to show us how to spend it.