Seeking Senior Pastor Candidates

We are no longer accepting applications at this time. Applications were accepted through Sunday May 12, 2013.
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Belcroft Bible Church is a family of believers in Jesus Christ who love and worship God, love and care for His family, and love and share Him with the world.

We seek a senior pastor who is passionate about God’s Word and His people. He will be responsible for all aspects of church life, modeling Christ in vision, prayer, relationships and actions. In addition to being an expository teacher and preacher, he will work with the leadership and membership to fulfill the mission of the church.


He shall be in full agreement with the mission statement and doctrinal beliefs as stated in the church constitution (PDF – 192 KB).

He shall be a man of godly character exhibiting those qualities as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3, Acts 6:4, and Acts 20:28-31. He expresses a clear testimony of personal salvation, believer’s baptism, and a commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He shall be a committed student of the Bible, with an active prayer life, using the Bible as the primary source of sermon preparation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to effectively communicate the Word of God in a captivating and engaging manner that allows people to apply it to their daily lives.

He shall be patient, compassionate, diplomatic and willing to discipline according to Biblical guidelines (Matthew 5:23-24, 2 Timothy 4:2), demonstrating strong interpersonal and relational skills and have a passion for pastoral care.

He shall be supportive of evangelism, foreign and home missions, and community outreach.

He shall keep his family as a priority, loving and caring for his wife as Christ does the church. We recognize his need for personal free time for both himself and his family.

He commits to personal, regular accountability with other godly men and the ability to maintain such relationships.

He demonstrates effectiveness in discipleship and inspires and equips members of the congregation to reach out to the community, addressing both spiritual and social needs.


He must hold at least Bachelors and Seminary degrees, with concentrations in theology and preaching preferred and with the seminary having a statement of faith substantially similar to that of Belcroft Bible Church.

He is married; preferably has children and is family oriented.

He has at least five years of experience as a senior or associate pastor in leading a multi-staff church including preaching to the congregation on a regular basis, or equivalent professional experience.

He has a current, valid driver’s license and a reliable automobile for transportation.


He will be responsible for helping create the vision of the church and implementing it through the membership.

He will be the spiritual leader of the congregation, receiving counsel from the Elders. He will provide spiritual leadership for the church to build mature followers of Jesus Christ who seek Him constantly, serve Him faithfully, and share Him boldly. He will oversee the planning and implementation of worship services and conduct baptisms, weddings, child dedications and funerals.

He will be an ex-officio member of all boards, committees, entities, and associations of the church.

He will be an Elder, and as such, will shepherd the flock by caring for people with prayer, counseling, admonition and visitation.

He will nurture the church family by preaching and teaching God’s Word, discerning God’s leading, resolving theological issues, and shall be vigilant in protecting the flock from false teachings or doctrines (Acts 20:28-31; John 21:15-17).

He will model Christ in his public ministry to the church. He will demonstrate patience, kindness, sensitivity and integrity (2 Timothy 3). The love of Christ will be the foundation of his life and ministry (1 Corinthians 13:4-8).

He will shepherd the staff by providing professional development, personal growth, encouragement and feedback, and setting goals for growth in their respective ministries.

He will reach out to local communities and to neighboring churches, establishing connections and building relationships that bring glory to God.

The Trustees and the Senior Pastor will develop church financial strategies, when needed.

He will receive an annual evaluation by the Board of Elders utilizing the duties and responsibilities identified in this Position Description and participating in a peer elder review.

He will review this position description and recommend changes, as appropriate, to the Board of Elders within one year of his arrival as Senior Pastor and annually thereafter.


The position of Senior Pastor requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The pastor should be in the office a sufficient amount of time for accessibility to members of the congregation and for regular communication with members of the church staff.

Download Position Description (PDF – 61 KB)

Download BBC Constitution (PDF – 192 KB)

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